Harmonic Harps for Relaxation, Meditation or just Tranquil Enjoyment.
All strings are in Harmony with each other due to Pentatonic Tunings.....
There are no wrong notes....so anyone can play them....
These harps are related to the Zither, Psaltery, Lyre, Kinnor & Reverie, and can be used by
anyone without previous knowledge of music or ability to play. Use it gently for times of peaceful
meditation or relaxation....either for the player or to help others ( Therapy)

The Harmonic & Harmonic Plus have 2 sets of 11 color coded strings (=22 strings)
that are tuned to 'Pentatonic'  Keys
so all strings are in Harmony with each other ( There are no wrong notes) Each string set starts
with the low bass notes in the middle of the harp and graduate up the scale to the outer sides
(Left & Right) for 2 Octaves each (excepting the Junior)
Even just by 'strumming' across the strings with the thumb will
create a 'Waterfall effect' which can bring a feeling of tranquility.
Harmonic Harps by Denwar Harps
3  Models of Harmonic Harps
Harmonic Junior
Pentatonic Key D & E
12 color coded strings
<<<LHside=key D  
RHside=key E>>>

Height= 44cm
Harmonic Harp
Pentatonic Key C & D
22 color coded strings  
<<<LHside= key C
RHside =key D>>>
2 Octaves each.
Wider string spacing will
suit larger fingers.
Harmonic Plus
Pentatonic Lullaby tuning:
22 color coded strings
<<<LHside= key C  
RHside= key F/>>>
2 Octaves each

Each Harp comes with a Tuning Key & Guide Chart
and a 12 month Warranty.
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Hear a short soundbite
Hear a short soundbite
Hear a short soundbite